A collective of rural communities working towards climate resilience, by revolutionizing indigenous textiles and fibres through local innovations.

What we do

Samakhya Sustainable Alternatives (Pvt Ltd) is a social enterprise that works on sustainable textiles and fibres by collaborating with artisans and pastoralists on the margins in remote regions of India, empowering their livelihoods, crafts, and lives.

Organising and investing in community-led, technology driven, green value chains in rural textile production systems

Futuristic Innovations for making traditional methods / materials stay ahead of the curve

Smart market linkages for ensuring sustained and fair livelihoods

We are experienced

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

— Jane Goodall

The word “Samakhya” means a “collective”. We are a collective of non-conformists who do not shy away from making an effort for the world we want to live in. We are a team of development practitioners, textile designers, artisans, masons, weavers, marketeers and scientists, who want to solve socio-economic, cultural and climate problems through alternative thinking. Our off-the-centre thinking stems from our rural roots, which enable us to see the inter-connectedness of the world around us.

Samakhya’s work is driven by collaborations between sustainability practitioners and rural desert communities to revive traditional pastoral and artisanal knowledge to innovate solutions for modern-day sustainability problems.

About us

Welcome to Samakhya Sustainable Alternatives

We are a craft-tech social enterprise that empowers rural artisans and traditional pastoralists in remote regions of India. Our goal is to promote sustainability and create long-term solutions that preserve traditional techniques and materials while ensuring a fair and equitable livelihood for these communities.

We believe in the power of community-led value chains, green technology, and handholding support to create a better future for all. Our commitment to innovation and product market compatibility ensures that the crafts produced by our artisans and pastoralists stay relevant in today’s market while still honouring the cultural heritage of their ancestors.

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Magra – Indigenous Pastoral Fibers For Green Buildings

Nestled in the heart of the Thar Desert, Magra represents the convergence of Nature, Innovation, and Resilience. Committed to sustainability, we’ve partnered with local pastoral communities, artisans, and non-profits, forming a holistic support system.

This collaboration organizes a nomadic value chain, enabling the significant harnessing of regenerative pastoral fibers for a unique line of sustainable thermal and acoustic solutions tailored for the built industry.

Magra embodies the natural fibers of the vast Thar Desert, deriving exceptional qualities from the unique ecosystem, ensuring resilience in challenging climates and forming the fundamental basis of modern sustainability.

Join us on an expedition where tradition revives, sustainability thrives, and the Thar Desert’s legacy perseveres.

A Revelation in Insulation

Choosing Magra for our insulation needs has been a game-changer. The natural properties of sheep’s wool have not only enhanced the thermal comfort of our space but have also significantly reduced sound transfer. Magra is more than just insulation; it’s a revelation in sustainable living. We’re impressed by the product’s performance and its positive impact on our environment.”

Exceptional Quality, Exceptional Comfort

Magra’s insulation made from 100% pure sheep’s wool is nothing short of exceptional. The quality of the material is evident in its thermal performance, making our premises cozier in winters and cooler in summers. The added benefit of sound insulation has made our living spaces more peaceful. Magra has exceeded our expectations, providing exceptional comfort with an eco-friendly touch.

Sustainable Living Redefined

We’ve embraced Magra for its commitment to sustainability, and it has redefined the way we perceive insulation. The insulation made from indigenous pastoral fibers not only aligns with our values of eco-conscious living but also delivers on its promise of superior thermal and acoustic performance. Magra is not just insulation; it’s a step towards sustainable living that we’re proud to be a part of.

Our Projects